The Dragonrider’s Quest



In a land wracked with civil war, a warrior and an immortal healer race to save the life of the crown prince, while eluding powerful assassins bent on stopping them

Marius is a master healer with a murky past. Hunted for centuries by a powerful mage set on revenge, his life is lived in the shadows, a constant eye cast over his shoulder. Impending death isn’t his only concern; it’s difficult to find patients when rumors abound that you take lives, rather than save them. After all he’s Ageless, and stays that way by absorbing the energy of living things.

Aenor is a dragonrider on a mission to rise from the disgrace of past mistakes and prove herself a mighty warrior, worthy of the queen’s elite guard. When she’s sent to find Marius she doesn’t have much confidence in the Maester, as handsome as he is controlled. Logic dictates that he couldn’t have survived such a brutal existence for 400 years, without committing some major sins along the way.

Together they must overcome insurmountable odds to reach the Capital and save the dying prince, but their greatest challenge will be in learning to trust each other.

Rating:  R