Tales from a Dragon Clan


Ever wonder what dragons think of humans?

Lya, the dragon heroine from The Dragonrider’s Quest gives us the answer to that question…

Lya returns to her birthplace six years after the conclusion of The Dragonrider’s Quest to visit her family.  When she arrives, Lya realizes that she has evolved, her loyalties torn between her rider and her clan.

That is a problem, for when she chose to bond with Aenor Merivel, Lya made the choice to be an Agent: a liaison between the dragon world and the human one.  And a spy, if it comes down to that.  For dragons are wary of human expansion and play a delicate game of being allies and protecting their own interests.

Lya introduces us to several characters in her extended family, each with a specific role to play within their society.  From them, we learn the secret lives of dragons; their legends, their desires and finally, their fears.