My Life As Athena



Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Warcraft

Brilliant, strong, pure.  Well… two out of three isn’t bad.

Born the daughter of Zeus, Athena springs out of her father’s head, clad as a warrior and brandishing her weapons with skill.  Smart, gutsy and rebellious, she is a misfit in an age that demands that females be gentle and submissive.  Undaunted, Athena fights to assert her independence, but her autonomy comes at an unexpected price.

When she wins patronage of the city of Athens in a battle of wits, Athena comes into her own and becomes the brilliant goddess that we know from legend.  However, the legends themselves have been sanitized, and behind them lurks a darker story in which Athena must make difficult choices to protect herself and those she loves.

The golden days of ancient Greece are eventually threatened by a new military power growing in the west.  When the Roman legions arrive, greedy for Greece’s wealth and offering to adopt the Greek gods as their own, Athena and her fellow gods have a fascinating choice to make:  Do they stand by the Greeks, or betray them to safeguard their own interests?  In defiance of her father’s wishes, Athena sets forth to change the course of human history itself.

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